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Bringing professionals back to the classroom to inspire and motivate.

From St. Gallen and Bern, active throughout Switzerland.

What We Do

We select professionals with an inspiring personal story that can motivate children to learn and say “I can also do it!“. The lack of specific role models can limit the motivation of a child to learn and to believe in him/herself, nevertheless their chances to reach higher education levels in life.
The events are free of charge for the schools and take place remotely, if desired.

Companies can improve their sustainability by supporting local communities through schools. By lending their professionals to local schools and by providing motivational or educational material, companies can influence the social and human components of their business. It can be included in the company’s corporate social responsibility documentation and showcase the Scienceloveskids™ in their marketing material.

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Professionals are the real role models.

Are you one of them?

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Inspire and motivate by providing role models and educational tools to fight inequality.

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Connect and improve the sustainability of companies.

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Why to contact us

Are you a school looking for a way to present children with new role models or a different point of view? Hearing personal stories of overcoming challenges and gain independence can be the way.

Are you a company willing to increase you sustainability by supporting local schools and children? You can help to support the local community and fight the inequality present in the Swiss school system.

If you would like to act as a mentor or just give a talk about your personal experience or a topic dear to you to inspire kids,

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